More Than Words
by Lou Block

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How to Use "More Than Words"

"More Than Words has been written to follow a person through recovery from anxiety, depression, addiction to anything, childhood abuse or growing up in a dysfunctional home. The more they read, understand the book's concepts and apply them to their life, the more the book will open up new awareness. Chapters 1-6 will explain the basic concepts of the author's new counseling model to the reader. Chapters 7-10 will introduce them to their internal family and Chapter 11 will explain the internal noise generated by this family. Chapter 12 will show you how all of this information is used in your recovery. All of these chapters are essential reading. Chapters 13-19 will show you their application to spirituality, addiction, therapy, 12 Step Programs and relationships. Chapter 20 puts it all together. Below is an condensed view of the chapters.

Chapter 1 explains the issues underlying anxiety, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, prescription medication misuse, overeating, gambling, criminality and sexual dysfunction and how they developed growing up in a home that was not child-centered.