More Than Words
by Lou Block

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Book Introduction

Recovery/Healing is a journey, not a destination. Two questions arise with this 12 Step Program saying. What does it look like and how can I do it? The answer to the first question will reveal itself to you along your path just as mine revealed it to me along mine. The simplest explanation is; the path will allow you fresh options to change old problematic behavior into functional choices, which would not have been available, had you not entered recovery. This book will answer the second question as it assists you to remain on the path and complete your recovery goals when you apply to your life, the new knowledge outlined in this book.

This journey also includes a process, which determines a person’s ability to achieve their recovery goals. It is the sole intent of this book to outline that process and teach the necessary skills needed to navigate the path of recovery.

Each person’s journey is different since each is a unique individual. The path chosen into despair will establish the path out of it. This is not a judgment, only a fact, since an acceptable path to one could be just the opposite for another. Some generalities about the path are possible because there are similarities in each of us.

At first, the road will change from dark to light and hope will emerge. In the beginning, the path is gently illuminated because the eyes have been so accustomed to the darkness of despair.

As it is safe to do, the heart will open and a reconnection to one’s true self will begin. This can be a confusing area and I recommend being gentle with you as your heart opens and your life unfolds. The chapters of this book will guide you through the process. It will guide you through each of its component parts and teach you the skills to achieve your recovery goals.

Old behaviors will change over time as reoccurring problems diminish, when the need to continue the unwanted behavior is no longer necessary.

New strategies will also emerge as problematic behavior decreases and survival skills change into living skills.

Relationships with self, others, and the culture will be less problematic and more fulfilling.

Energy will increase, depression will lift, and anxiety reduced to an allowable level.

Triggers to Compulsive behavior (including alcoholism and drug addiction) will be identified. The knowledge of these triggers, gained over time, will reduce the desire to relapse and in conjunction with a 12-step program, eliminate the compulsion “a day at a time”.Does the above sound too good to be true? It is not! This is happening every day for those with the courage, faith and determination to rise above whatever knocked them off their path. This book is the beginning of that journey, a system to guide you through its process and designed to help you overcome any problems you may encounter along the way.

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