More Than Words
by Lou Block

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Lou's Corner

I would like to thank everyone that accepted my "Free Book" offer and hope that you will provide feedback on what you read.  This offer was my way to get the book out to those that need it, to help them overcome the things that they needed to achieve a way of think on life.  

While I would like to keep this generous offer going to the general public, with the costs associated with the promotion, unfortunately it is not financially feasible to continue.  However if you are a (active) military veteran or First Responder, please contact me (using this form).

To help everyone understand the contents of "More Than Words, I broke down the contents to help those who wanted to "brush up" on specific areas. Check out "How to use More Than Words".

I hope that those who have already purchased "More Than Words" are learning a better way of life. In addition, to those who have been in counseling or treatment with me and applying what I have taught you, are having a more fulfilling life in spite of the troubling uncertain times that prevail throughout the culture today. Always remember that serenity is peace in the eye of the storm.

Thank you for all the letters and gracious statements.

Love in recovery,

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